After your baby arrives, you will need some time to get to know each other.  We encourage rooming-in, which is keeping your baby in the room with you as much as possible.  This helps in the areas of bonding, caring for your new baby and learning his or her feeding cues.  Other benefits of rooming-in include holding, cuddling skin-to-skin, looking at and learning how to respond to your baby.  Your baby should cry less than babies in the nursery who are away from their mothers.  Your baby can learn to breastfeed faster and gain weight sooner.  You should feel more confident and able to take care of your baby when you go home.

What you can expect:

  • You and the staff of the Valley Birthplace will work together on bonding with your baby, keeping your baby warm (skin-to-skin contact is very effective), and, if you choose, breastfeeding.
  • This is an exciting time for you and your family.  We suggest you limit your visitors for the first few hours after delivery in your private room so that you and your partner can give all of your attention to your new baby.
  • You might think that you will get less sleep if your baby is with you.  Studies actually show that mothers get MORE sleep when their baby is with them in the room.
  • For the first few hours, we suggest that you keep your diapered baby directly against your skin.  When you are sleeping, we ask that you put the baby in the crib next to your bed, for safety reasons.
  • If you have visitors, please ask them to wash their hands thoroughly.  Handwashing is the best way to prevent passing colds or infections.  Everyone, including children, should use an alcohol-based hand gel like Purell.  Dispensers are located throughout the hospital.

You are welcome to bring the baby to the nursery, as you choose.

For more information, please call the Valley Birthplace at AVH, at (603) 326-5882.