We support your childbirth desires.  Some women desire a natural labor without any medication given to help manage the pain.  If that is your wish, we will help you through, providing various techniques which may include breathing, a birthing ball, frequent position changes, walking, rocking in a rocking chair, or  taking a warm bath or shower.  Reiki treatments may also be available to you during your stay.

If you find that natural childbirth is not for you or that your labor is different than what you expected, there are pain medications available.  The medications used to ease some of the pain of labor are called narcotics and can be given to you as an injection in the muscle or through an IV.  These medications are safe for you and your baby.  Your nurse will be able to answer questions or address concerns that you may have.  The other pain management option available isepidural anesthesia, with anesthesia coverage available at AVH 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  The anesthesia provider will place a small catheter between the bones in your lower back, through which medicine will be administered.  This will cause numbness in your lower abdomen, back and legs, alleviating the pain of labor.  The catheter remains in place until after the birth of your baby.