Here are some of the measures that we put in place at the Valley Birthplace at AVH, to ensure your baby's safety.

The Valley Birthplace at AVH is a "locked unit," meaning that only authorized staff are able to enter the department by scanning their employee badges.  Unauthorized employees are not able to open the doors.  There is a phone nearby that unauthorized staff or visitors can use to request access to the Valley Birthplace.

Once your child is born, an electronic security tag will be applied to the baby's ankle.  This protection program safeguards against the threat of infant abduction.  Although there has never been such an incident at AVH, infant security is of the utmost importance to us.  Once activated, if the infant becomes too close to any of the doors, becomes wet or an attempt is made to remove or cut the band, an alarm will sound and all units to the Valley Birthplace will be locked down.

A security photo of your child is taken soon after birth.

There are 24 hour, 7 day video surveillance cameras located outside of the Valley Birthplace doors and in the hallways, as well as throughout the Hospital and on the outside grounds/parking lots.