AVH Babysitting Course

Androscoggin Valley Hospital offers a day-long Babysitting Course to students 11-years-old and older during February and April school vacations.  Course fee is $20 with a $5 optional pizza lunch.  Upon successful completion of the Course, students receive an AVH Certificate of Program Completion.

This comprehensive course covers:

  • Qualities of a great babysitter.
  • Asking about and following the parent's/guardian's guidelines.
  • Safe home environment and child safety.
  • Ages and stages of children - infancy through school age.
  • Age appropriate play and supervision.
  • Caring for a child needing holding, diapering, dressing, and feeding.
  • How to handle common injuries and emergencies.

For more information or to put your child on a waiting list for the next course, please call AVH at 326-5607.