Employee Viewpoints

Take our employees' word for it.  To view a summary of what it's like to work at AVH, please click here.

"The practitioners and support staff of AVH Surgical Associates create a friendly environment not only for patients, but also for staff. I welcome you to experience this environment yourself."

- Krzysztof Z. Plociennik, MD, FACOG

"I can honestly say that I LOVE my job, more today than ever. 25 years of greeting friends and helping people never gets old."

-Sue Garneau, AVH Switchboard Operator

"Working here in the North Country is highly rewarding. Not only is it a great place to practice medicine, but the region offers so much in terms of quality of life. And the staff at AVH are wonderful—kind, caring and professional."

- Richard Lorenz, PA-C

"My entire professional career has been devoted to serving people in the North Country.  I listen to my patients.  They will tell me 90% of what I need to know."

-Dr. J. Rodger Wood