AVH Auxiliary Rotating Art Program

The Androscoggin Valley Hospital Auxiliary is pleased to announce that an exceptional new photography exhibit by returning artist, Roger Irwin, is on display at AVH as part of the on-going Rotating Art Program.

Roger is a professional photographer who for sixteen years was a dairy farmer on the banks of the Connecticut River. It has only been during the past ten years that Roger has spent his time as a professional photographer, mastering the nature photography found close to his home in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and the North Country of New Hampshire.

His love for photography began as a hobby in high school. While attending technical college, he began using a 35-millimeter camera and started taking photos for the college yearbook.

Mr. Irwin’s work draws upon a keen and patient eye as a naturalist and a deep knowledge of the woods and wildlife of his home ground. He possesses an appreciation for the inherent beauty in both landscapes and wildlife. His photographs remind people of the moments of exhilaration and reflection that nature and wildlife offer to all of us.

His work has appeared in publications of the National Rifle Association, the Fish and Game Department, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, Ducks Unlimited, Vermont Life, National Moose Foundation, Saab-Scania, and National Geographic.

“Nature photography takes patience,” says Roger, “as you spend a lot of time waiting and watching to get just a few photographs. During the moose rutting season, I’m out three to four days a week searching for just the right shot. It’s very challenging and I love it”

His website, www.rogerirwinphotos.com includes many of the photos that are currently on display at the Hospital.

We are very happy to have Roger come back with new photos to kick off our third year of the Rotating Art Program. These outstanding photos will be on display until March 23. There are some outstanding pieces of work that you will want to see.

Each month, the AVH Auxiliary Rotating Art Program features an artist and his/her respective works for public viewing inside AVH. The display is located in the Cafeteria, giving guests an opportunity to enjoy a meal while admiring the artwork.

Any artist of photography, original painting, or other types of art wishing to have their work on display for a period of time in the Gallery, is welcome to call Edwina Keene, AVH Volunteer Coordinator, at (603) 326-5676. Currently, the hospital is accepting bookings for the second half of the 2013.