Thank you from AVH’s President

On behalf of the AVH Board of Directors, providers, nurses, and staff, I would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for the remarkable and generous outpouring of support for your local hospital during this time of extreme need.

Ever since I arrived in the North Country several years ago, it has never ceased to amaze me how supportive this community is of our healthcare organizations and our care providers.  Over the past single week my appreciation for that support has been magnified exponentially.  

Mere days ago, AVH put out a call for help; a call to action to obtain and create necessary supplies needed for patient care, during a time of nationwide shortage.  Your response to that call was immediate and continues to this day.  Your actions now are allowing all healthcare institutions in our community to fight through the current shortages.  I will be forever moved by your response to that call. 

The list of service organizations, local and regional businesses, and even individuals who have donated time, supplies, materials and ingenuity is a long list indeed.  The sheer number of names gives me great hope looking forward. There will come a day soon when we will be in better position to formally recognize all who helped in this great time of need. However today, we offer recognition and heartfelt gratitude to our entire community. 

There are incredibly challenging times ahead; times that will require strength, perseverance and the spirit of collaboration that has been demonstrated here.

The COVID-19 Incident Command team at AVH has been working seven days a week for nearly a month to prepare to care for our most vulnerable family, friends and neighbors over the coming days to the very best of our ability.  Your generous support will significantly help us as we face and battle the biggest health challenge that our nation may likely ever see. 

Be well and take care of each other through these times!  Continue to help us by following the CDC good hand hygiene guidelines.  Know that we will combat this enemy together, as you have already taken the first steps.



Michael D. Peterson, FACHE

President & CEO

Androscoggin Valley Hospital

Berlin, NH