Anesthesiology & Pain Management

Through North Woods Anesthesia Services, Androscoggin Valley Hospital meets the anesthesia and pain management needs of its patients by providing the following:

  • General to regional anesthesia
  • Continuous epidurals for surgery and labor pain
  • Pain management services including lumbar epidural steroid injections
  • Mitigation techniques for post-operative nausea
  • Use of brain-wave imaging during surgical procedures
  • Services for all ages from pediatrics to the elderly
  • Pre-operative anesthesia consultations

AVH's new Avance Carestation can be used safely to provide anesthesia to patients of all sizes, from a premature infant to a patient weighing over 600 pounds requiring special ventilation parameters—electronically, without the need to modify the machine between patient use. The Avance checks itself 200 times per second to ensure that the Carestation is always delivering the proper blend based on its programming.


"I was very satisfied with my care at AVH during my recent surgery.
The anesthesiologist was sensitive to the issues I had.
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful care."
- an AVH patient comment

For more information or to make an appointment with the Pain Clinic at AVH Surgical Associates, please call (603) 752-2300.