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First Name Last Name Specialty Position Phone
Carmen Ackerson Pain Management (603) 752-2300
Kathleen B. Donovan Primary Care
Family Practice
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner 603-466-2741
Susan M. Lessard Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner 603-326-5797
J. Rodger Wood Anesthesiology
AVH Professional Center
North Woods Anesthesia Services, PA
Anesthesiologist 603-326-5806
Mary Louise Brozena Audiology Audiologist, c/o K&B Associates, LLC (603) 752-2300
Daniel van Buren Cardiology Cardiologist 603-326-5847
Jeffrey F. Bleakley Cardiology Cardiologist 603-326-5847
Louis I. Fink Cardiologist 603-669-0413
Rebecca Roberge Mental Health Case Mangement 603-752-7404
Jan Levesque Diabetes Care and Education Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (603) 326-5847
Chester O. Annis Mental Health Counselor 603-752-7404
Roxanne Dodge Counselor 603-752-7404
Ann F. Tenney Counselor 603-752-7404
Marguerite M. Bisson Dentistry Dental Assistant/Clinical Manager 603-466-5015
Paul C, Schoenbeck Dentistry Dentist 603-466-5015
Joseph DellaValla Sleep Medicine Director, Center for Sleep Medicine 603-752-2300 - Berlin; 603-237-8652 - Colebrook; 603-788-5296 - Lancaster
Wayne Couture Radiology Director, Imaging Services 603-326-5720
Richard G. Kardell Allergy
Ear, Nose & Throat / Allergy
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon and Allergist 603-752-2300
Norman Kossayda Emergency Medicine Emergency Department Physician
Arthur A. Ruediger Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine
Robert J. Wise Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine
Donald Kernan Emergency Medicine
Primary Care
Family Practice
Emergency Medicine/Family Practitioner
Lauren S. Conley Emergency Services Worker 603-237-4955
Mark E. Lindberg Mental Health Emergency Services Worker 603-444-5358
Brigitte F. Dargis Family Practice 603-447-8900
Christopher J. Lake Primary Care
Family Practice
Family Practitioner 603-752-2040
Keith M. Shute Family Practitioner 603-752-2900
Mitchell J. Sullivan Primary Care
Family Practice
Family Practitioner 603-752-2040
Thomas J. Temme Family Practitioner 603-466-2741
Sherrill A. Tracy Family Practitioner 603-466-2741
Josee Bourbeau Primary Care
Homeopathic Medicine
Family Practice
Family Practitioner (603) 752-2040
Christopher U. Glenney General Surgery
AVH Professional Center
St. Luke's Medical Center, PA
General Surgeon 603-752-2300
Cheryl Kenney Audiology Hearing Instrument Specialist (603) 752-2300
Javier Cardenas Hospitalist Hospitalist
John A. McDowell Hospitalist
Primary Care
Family Practice
Hospitalist 603-752-2200
Debra A. Perry Primary Care
Family Practice
Internist 603-752-2900
Wendy Beals Obstetrics / Gynecology Lactation Consultant (603) 326-5882
Rhonda Edwards Mental Health Mental Health 603-752-7404
Stacie Leclerc Mental Health Mental Health 603-752-1005
Jennifer M. McCarthy Mental Health Mental Health 603-752-7404
Christine Dunham Mental Health Mental Health Counselor
Crizeldo Cariaso Neurology Neurologist 603-326-5990
JoAnne Manson Cardiology New England Heart Institute 603-326-5847
Jeanne I. Finn Cardiology New England Heart Institute 603-326-5847
Diane Dube Anesthesiology
AVH Professional Center
North Woods Anesthesia Services, PA
Nurse Anesthetist
Thomas C. Bloomquist Nurse Anesthetist 603-228-9672
Robert L. Barrett Anesthesiology
North Woods Anesthesia Services, PA
Nurse Anesthetist (603) 752-2200
Pamela Bouley Anesthesiology Nurse Anesthetist (603) 752-2200
Raina C. Eaton Nurse Practitioner 603-752-2900
Alice N. McLane Primary Care Nurse Practitioner 603-466-2741
Patricia B. Shute Primary Care Nurse Practitioner 603-752-2040
Sherill Ciampa AVH Professional Center
Wound Care
Nurse Practitioner (603) 356-4949, ext. 3403
Charisse Hirschfeld AVH Professional Center
Wound Care
Nurse Practitioner 603-356-5472
Krzysztof Plociennik Obstetrics / Gynecology
AVH Professional Center
Obstetrician/Gynecologist (603) 752-2300
Bruce A. Lastra AVH Professional Center
Obstetrics / Gynecology
Obstetrician/Gynecologist (603) 752-2300 - Berlin; (603) 237-8652 (Colebrook)
William F. Boucher, Jr. Primary Care
Family Practice
Occupational Medicine 207-879-9400
Alison Bernier Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist
Amanda Reardon Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist 603-326-5738
Nancy Gordon Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist 603-326-5738
Erin Kelley Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist 603-326-5738
Kyla Thibault Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist 603-237-8652
Lynn Chauvette Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist and Manager 603-326-5738
Timothy Sullivan Ophthalmology Ophthalmologist (603) 752-3510
William D. Foord Ophthalmology Opthalmologist 603-752-2237
Delphine Glorieux-Sullivan Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Surgeon 603-752-2300
Harry C. Stearns, III Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Surgeon 603-752-7750
Daniel F. O'Neill Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Surgeon 603-536-2270
Jay R. SoloRio Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Surgeon Berlin: (603) 752-2300; Colebrook: (603) 237-8652
Linda Anderson Outpatient Therapist
Derek Eastman Rehabilitation Outreach Physical Therapist Manager 603-237-8652
Kelly C DeFeo Pain Management
AVH Professional Center
Pain Management Specialist (603) 752-2300
Charles I. Brown Pathology Pathologist 603-752-2200
Robert W. McDowell Pathology Pathologist 802-334-3222
Jeanne M. Charest Pediatrics Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 603-752-2040
Brian M. Beals Pediatrics Pediatrician 603-466-2741
Katelyn Cloutier Rehabilitation Physical Therapist (603) 326-5738
Diane Gorham Rehabilitation Physical Therapist and Coordinator of Nursing Home Services (603) 466-5997 (Royalty)
Clare Fox Rehabilitation Physical Therapist and Manager 603-326-5738
Jerry R. Rittenhouse Urology Physician Berlin: (603) 752-2300; Colebrook: (603) 237-8652
Richard J. Lorenz Orthopaedic Surgery
AVH Professional Center
Physician Assistant 603-752-2300
Ellen M. Ross Primary Care
Family Practice
Physician Assistant 603-752-2900
Jessica Lorenz-Armstrong Orthopaedic Surgery Physician Assistant Berlin: (603) 752-2300; Colebrook: (603) 237-8652
Tiffani Witt Allergy
Ear, Nose & Throat / Allergy
Physician Assistant Berlin: (603) 752-2300; Colebrook (603) 237-8652; Lancaster: (603) 788-5296
Madeleine B. Bedard Ryan Podiatry Podiatrist 603-466-2741
Hal B. Goolman Podiatry Podiatrist 603-788-5095
Tara Anne Soraghan Podiatrist Berlin: (603) 788-5095. Lancaster (603) 788-4911
John Emery Rehabilitation Prosthetist, Orthotist (603) 772-2388
Paul D. Lidstrom Mental Health Psychiatrist 603-444-5358
Lester P. Nicholson Mental Health Psychiatrist 603-569-1884
N. Eric Van Leuven Mental Health Psychiatrist 603-444-5358
Peggy M. Simon Pulmonology Pulmonologist (603) 752-2300 (Berlin); (603) 788-5296 (Lancaster); (603) 237-8652 (Colebrook)
Stanley W. Whitaker Radiology Radiologist 603-326-5720
Richard Anderson Social Worker 603-383-9183
Mario Brodeur-Fossa Mental Health Social Worker 603-752-7404
Matthew R. Buteau Social Worker 603-752-7404
Robert A. Nylin Social Worker 603-752-7404
Paul B. Lister Rehabilitation Speech Pathologist 603-326-5738
LInda Poulin Rehabilitation Speech Pathologist
Steve Schofield Rehabilitation Staff Physical Therapist
Heather Wiley Rehabilitation Staff Physical Therapist
Coryleen Gilbert Rehabilitation Staff Physical Therapist (603) 237-8652
Debbie Gagnon Rehabilitation Staff Physical Therapy Assistant
Robert W. Tilney III Surgeon 603-356-6770
Morice P. Dennery Urology
AVH Professional Center
Urologist 603-752-2300
William Clutterbuck Cardiology Vascular Surgeon (603) 326-5847
Janet L. Chevarie Obstetrics / Gynecology Women's Health Nurse Practitioner 603-752-2040